The Adamich Method

Dr. Robert's treatment room in San Rafael, California

Dr. Robert's treatment room in San Rafael, California


My unique approach

I have developed The Adamich Method. I specialize in gentle adjustments that do not require much force or twisting. If you have been to a chiropractor before, you will find my approach quite different.

Five things that make The Adamich Method unique:

  1. 20-minute sessions that provide deeper healing
  2. Manual traction stretches
  3. Soft tissue modalities: Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Transverse Friction Massage and Active Release Technique
  4. Gentle manual adjustments
  5. Activator Method adjustments

In order to address your pain, I will do everything I can to have that pain lessen, even within your initial session. Each session is an opportunity to look beyond the symptoms to discover the cause of that pain, whether it be physical, emotional, metaphysical or spiritual. We will also work together to shift the tension and compensation patterns that affect your body in a negative way.