Thank you for an absolutely incredible healing session!!!! It was a joy and pleasure to reconnect with you again, and my body has felt so much better, especially the places that were screaming at me to get back into your office!!! After the session I felt a calm, balance, and peacefulness in my body that I haven’t felt in I don’t know how long. I’ve been telepathically thanking you all week, but found it hard to get to the phone or computer.
As a mother, it means everything to me that my daughter is free from pain. The fact that she can continue to pursue her love of gymnastics is a bonus! Thank you, Dr. Adamich.
— KM
The first thing you will notice is that Robert and I have the same last name, but that’s what makes my recommendation all the more significant ~ Robert is my former spouse! I have been to many chiropractors over the years, but none have been as sensitive and adept at the work as Robert. His method is intensive and deep, aligning what is out of balance and getting to the core of the problem. He recently treated a significant bicycle and CrossFit injury which was significantly painful, and am happy to report that I am fully functional again. The best endorsement of Robert though, comes from my current husband, who uses him as well, and swears he is the best chiropractor he’s ever used!
— Barbara Adamich