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As always, you have made another human feel much happier in their body. Thank you!
— TJ

Robert Adamich, DC

the gentle chiropractor

A chiropractic adjustment changed my life. I had been thinking about becoming a chiropractor for almost 20 years. After a gentle yet extremely powerful adjustment in 1997, I surrendered to the calling, started and then completed chiropractic school, and began my practice in 2004. More than simply having you feel better, every adjustment can deepen your relationship with yourself, and support you in expressing yourself more fully in every aspect of your life: body, mind and spirit.

My intention as your chiropractor is to:

  • identify and gently remove the interference causing the pain and limitations of movement

  • reestablish proper nerve flow and communication to every muscle, organ and tissue within your body

  • reduce pain, improve your ranges of motion and posture, and get your body moving.